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Clever Representative allows you to quickly register your products with our authorised representative service, online and easily.

We have the compliance skills and expertise required to ensure smooth market access for products produced outside the EU's borders.

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Official European authorised representative

We act as the point of contact for the EU market authorities and keep your Declaration of Conformity available, so you can focus on your business instead.

A few simple steps to registering an authorised representative

Add your product details, such as name and model.
Upload the Declaration of Conformity for the product
Digitally sign the agreement, attesting to having the required documents
authorised representative certificate
Represented! Receive your certificate and get listed on
who needs authorised representative

Who needs an authorised representative?

If you are a non-European company selling products in the European Union, it's highly likely that you need to have an EU authorised representative. The Regulation (EU) 2019/1020 on market surveillance, in force from July 16 2021, requires that an economic operator takes on the necessary responsibilities.
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What Clever Representative does

By providing an online self-service compliance tool, we can within minutes start acting as a European authorised representative. This is a quick and cost-effective solution, enabling you to sell your products into the EU directly, online or via a fulfilment service provider. Not only do we make it easy to do it yourself, we are also here if you need compliance or authority assistance.
Simple and quick online
Through your own personal account, you can easily manage your products and certificates and become represented in minutes!
Official point of contact
By using Clever Representative, you get a professional contact point for the market authorities, allowing you to sell within the EU frictionless.
Storing of your Declaration of Conformity
When uploading your Declaration of Conformity, we can quickly provide it to market surveillance authorities upon request.
Show off your compliance
We provide your clients with an easy and quick way to check the validity of your certificates using

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Clever Representative helps you fulfil the Regulation (EU) 2019/1020! 

Use the online tool now and register your products to have an authorised representative quickly.

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