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Clever Representative is a subsidiary of Clever Compliance, an independent Swedish organisation specialising in helping companies of any size meet the applicable product compliance regulations for accessing the European market.

With the introduction of the EU Market Surveillance Regulation 2019/1020, Clever Compliance realised that non-EU manufacturers were going to face many challenges related to online sales crossing the EU's border. Hence, our new company Clever Representative was born in Sweden to provide comprehensive assistance in all matters related to complying with the new Regulation.

Clever Representative can act as a European Authorised Representative (EAR) to an international customer base. With an in-depth knowledge of the technical and legal aspects of EAR, we are a reliable point of contact for the European market surveillance authorities and any potential product controls. Through our EAR service, we verify the CE marking of manufactured goods, keep technical documents on file and become an EU point of contact so that e-commerce and other businesses outside the European Union gain access to the European market.


We have an outstanding team to stay in touch with you and ensure you will get the high-quality compliance support and service needed.
Max Strålin
Chief Executive Officer
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Tobias Rydell
Chief Strategy Officer
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Katrin Troeva
Chief Marketing Officer
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Josefine Hovmark
Chief Technical Officer
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Simon Krook
Sales Manager
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Jonai Wallander
Senior Client Manager
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Prashant S.
Frontend developer
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Shivam B.
Backend developer
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Vishal S.
Project manager
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