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authorised representative partnership
From 16th of July 2021 the new EU Regulation 2019/1020 comes into effect for all e-commerce businesses which do any of the following:
  • delivers to addresses in the EU
  • accepts currencies used in the EU as payment and uses any EU language
  • has directed its marketing activities to EU consumers or other end-users in the EU.
Those businesses must make sure that all non-EU vendors has an authorized representative for the products they are selling on the platform. If not the e-commerce and the vendor could be targeted with sanctions from European authorities.

By partnering with us, you can instantly see your vendors's compliance status and ensure you're fulfilling the new (EU) 2019/1020 regulation

Why Clever Representative?

With our online authorised representative service, your vendors can be represented within minutes. Being quick and cost-effective, we can enable your merchants to sell their products into the EU with our easy and intuitive software. If needed, we also help with compliance and authority assistance.

Clever Representative has more than 15 years of experience within the product compliance field and are experts in CE marking requirements.

authorised representative for e-commerce platforms

Offer the easiest authorised representative for your vendors

Let's talk about how we can ensure you are compliant and how we can help your vendors selling into the EU

Benefits of a partnership

Established and experienced

Acts as a Preferred Provider for some of the larger e-commerce actors

Online and easy

Offer a completely digital registration flow, which means that we can handle large quantities of vendors

No language barriers

The service is provided in both English and Chinese


Monthly compliance reports showing compliance status of your vendors' products

Competitive pricing

By streamlining the process, we can offer the most competitive prices on the market

API solutions

Push API enabling continuous compliance status updates

Listing on

Instantly view compliance status for a product
authorised representative for e-commerce platforms

What is an authorised representive?

An EU authorised representative is any natural or legal entity located within the EU who has received a written mandate from a non-EU manufacturer to act on the manufacturer's behalf regarding specific tasks.

The role of the EU authorised representative is to provide the following:
  • store Declarations of Conformity
  • ensure that a technical file has been created
  • work together with national market surveillance authorities on any risk elimination needed for a product
  • provide a copy of the mandate to the authorities when requested

Get an authorised representative now

Clever Representative helps you to fulfil the Regulation (EU) 2019/1020! 

and ensure that your vendors can keep selling

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